Black and White

We want the good, without the bad. We want the sweet, but not the sour. We want light and reject darkness.   We only want the things that in our subjectivity are “good” for us. But we must understand, however, that both sides are different parts of the same matter.  One is necessary for the presence of the other. As they couldn’t exist without its opposite. It’s illogical. They need each other to exist.

Alan Watts said in one of his speeches, “Life implies death”. And when we think about it, we cannot die if we were never born. Death implies life, so as life implies death. The good implies the evil. The hot implies cold. And all opposites must exist to be understood as the whole they are.

That is Ying Yang, the masculine, and the feminine force, action and inaction, silence and sound, black and white. Acceptance of the whole is needed to embrace each part. So, if we only embrace one of the parts and reject the other, we are not accepting either. And this principle applies to everything, including you. Your masculine and feminine, your abilities and your flaws. To accept things, as they are, the acceptance of all the parts is necessary.



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